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Standup 01/19/2012: Dont stretch those cables

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How to scrub production data

  • try my_obfuscate
  • use handcrafted update-all sql

Interesting Things

  • Do not stretch monitor cables, they make the ports break
  • MySql: Different os have different rules on table case sensitivity(My_Table <-> my_table), be strict or you get into trouble
  • validates_acceptance_of can crash your asest:precompile on heroku (because it uses the db when loaded, but db is not yet ready), least hacky solution: validates_acceptance_of xxx unless ENV[‘RAILS_ASSETS_PRECOMPILE’]

  1. Jared Brown says:

    In the case of the validates_acceptance_of xxx issue on Heroku I would suggest simply moving your attr_acccessor line above the validates_presence_of line like so:

    attr_accessor :terms
    validates_acceptance_of :terms, :on => :create

    That way validates_acceptance_of won’t try to search the database and no “hacky” “unless ENV[‘RAILS_ASSETS_PRECOMPILE’]” is required. :)

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