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Standup 01/28/2008

A day late, but…

Interesting Things

  • We’re re-working some internal Rails plugins. This effort includes a redesign of how those plugins deliver routes to the application.

    Look forward to a post from Nathan on designing plugin-provided routes.

  • Teleport:

    A number of Pivots have experimented with using Synergy — often configured with QuickSynergy — as a productivity enhancement tool for pair programming. The basic idea is to have a shared computer set up as a Synergy client of two other, user-driven machines. This allows for collaborative editing in the shared environment as well as individual work, such as reviewing a particular API.

    Jonathon noted that Teleport provides a similar kind of capability which may also be worth checking out. Teleport does differ a bit from Synergy…


    • Simple, bonjour-enabled configuration via an OS X system preferences pane
    • Bi-directional capabilities. That is, two machines can be both servers and clients of each other
    • Can drag-drop to copy files and folders between machines
    • Pasteboard is synchronized between machines


    • Pasteboard is synchronized between machines (careful, or you might unintentionally overwrite a copy buffer)
    • OS X only
    • Closed source
    • The one client of two servers setup doesn’t seem to work out right, so only one developer can split of to a “research” machine
    • It’s a bit buggy regarding configuration
    • Can’t do some of the advanced configuration that Synergy can, e.g. re-mapping keys

  1. DJ says:

    > The one client of two servers setup doesn’t seem to work out right, so only one developer can split of to a “research” machine

    I don’t think Teleport is designed to do this (it’s setup to be more like a KVM setup for a single user with two machines), so you can’t really fault it for something not working that it wasn’t designed to do.

  2. Corey Innis says:

    @DJ – Good point. However, while I don’t actually mean to fault Teleport in this, it’s still what I would consider a minus when compared with Synergy (which is so capable).

  3. Testing Comments says:


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