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Standup 01/29/2008


  • How do I turn off coloring in the RSpec runner?

    The answer: don’t put


    in your spec/spec.opts file.


  • There’s an easy way to merge hashes in Javascript, using either JQuery or Prototype.

    For JQuery:

    $.extend(target, hash1, hash2, ...)

    For Prototype:

    Object.extend(target, hash)

    JQuery’s syntax is a bit nicer since you can merge any number of hashes into the target hash.

    This is handy for grabbing JSON off the wire and merging it into an existing or “default” object.

    You can use this to merge prototypes, achieving a type of “inheritance” (or what passes for such in Javascript). But be careful, since the rightmost hash wins – IE, its properties overide properties by the same name in the target.

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