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Standup 02/11/2008

Interesting Things

  • Got Example?

    Don’t forget to make use of the reserved (top- and second-level) domain names set aside by RFC 2606… especially if you find yourself writing something like:

    result = @model.do_request('')
    result.code.should == 1001
    # NOTE: actually exists!

  1. Peyton says:

    It sounds interesting and I’m a little bit curious on how it will works. Might want to look into that.

  2. Alex Chaffee says:

    To be precise: use for intentionally bogus email addresses; any email sent accidentally for real will linger in your mail queue and eventually bounce. But watch out using them for other purposes — actually has an A record and responds sucessfully to ping and HTTP. ([Try it and see]( You may end up generating network traffic when you don’t want to.

  3. Ian McFarland says:

    For more details, you can read the RFC ([RFC 2606: Reserved Top Level DNS Names]( that explains the intent and correct use of, net, and org.

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