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Standup 02/18/2009

We’re looking for more information about Taste or other similar kinds of suggestion engines. What kind of experiences have people had integrating these tools into Rails applications. Are there other useful engines worth looking at?

Direct uploads to Amazon S3 service can be serviced by EC2 servers; however, there might be more direct ways of doings this with S3.

Newer versions of RubyMine have been reported having problems running the gem version of rspec but a solutions has been found. The problem comes from the way gems are specified in RubyMine. You need to add the rspec gem you are using to the Project Structure >> Ruby SDK and Gems.

Using Desert and exception notifier can cause some slow startup times. If you are seeing this problem try moving exception notifier’s sender_address inside your environment’s post-load block.

  1. Kyle Maxwell says:

    I’ve looked at Taste, wasn’t thrilled. The (apparent?) complexity of integration wasn’t worth it to me. I’ve preferred rolling my own (stealing heavily from taste and relevant projects) based upon quality/speed tradeoffs, community size, amount and type of user input, etc.

    Direct to S3 uploads:

  2. Chad Woolley says:

    [S3Sync]( worked well for me – it is an Rsync-like tool for S3 written in Ruby.

    It works great from the command line, but since it is in Ruby it could probably be integrated into an app easily.


    — Chad

  3. Richard says:

    Check out acts_as_recommendable on github []. The Ruby Manor presentation is also available []

  4. Alex Soto says:

    I’ve used taste and acts_as_recommendable

    Taste we did last year and it required lots of performance tuning to the code. However was fine after that. I can’t comment on how ‘good’ the recommendations are since I didn’t really pay attention to that.

    I needed to patch AAR because it’s pretty new and probably not used by folks on rails 2.0 like I am on my particular project. However it was a breeze to integrate, but its still early in our use.

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