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Standup 02/22/2007

Interesting Things

  • If you are using named parameters, watch out! A routes-named-parameters bug bit us. It’s fixed in Edge Rails but not in a released version of Rails.
  • … And as a public service announcement, Rails’ routing was rewritten for version 1.2. If you are experiencing weird routing behavior, check the bug list.
  • False alarm! The REGEX bug we mentioned the the last standup meeting… our fault.
  • Let’s say you have the desperate need to generate a drop-shadow for an image, or any other sort of shadow (haven’t we all?). Check out Rmagick’s Image::shadow() method, which can do it for you. Very cool stuff!
  • More svn:externals problems. I won’t get into the gory details, but if are changing or removing a svn:externals property on a directory, your best bet is to delete that portion of the directory tree and get a fresh version from SVN. You’ll avoid most problems.
  • One project is using the Rails Simple Captcha plugin with success, and even has a successful Selenium testing strategy.
  • Watch out for this appable_plugins bug ActiveRecord models in your plugin do not reload when your environment sets config.cache_classes = true. End result: you might get “method missing” errors in your application for methods that the plugin’s model declares. Ouch. Details available upon request.

Ask for Help

  • Doh! Somehow we broke ruby script/generate migration MyMigration. I suppose we should fix that.

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 20:00 minutes

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