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Standup 02/27/2008

Interesting Things

  • Rails is gradually moving to git. Should we? There’s a brown bag today about git from a guest speaker. We’ll talk about it then.
  • port install bash-completion
  • plus your custom completion configuration
  • plus your alias
  • equals

    work proj[TAB]

  • mod_proxy_html – if you’re hoping to get this to work, you may have to worry about INFLATEing the html response coming from the server you’re proxying to before being able to parse the html and change its urls. We ended up using SetOutputFilter INFLATE;proxy-html;DEFLATE to pass the html through the Apache2 proxy instance correctly.

  1. Chris Bailey says:

    In terms of Git: yes please! Our SVN repo is with you guys, and I’d love to be using Git instead. I’ve pretty much switched all my other depos to Git and have been loving it. Way faster, far easier and nicer branching, “stash”, automatic “sandboxing” of every developer’s code/work, and so on. I’ve been contemplating moving our repo from SVN there over to Github, but if you guys switched to Git, that’d be great (not that you’d necessarily convert our depot, but one can hope :)

  2. Ajit says:

    I have been practicing with git myself. I think it’s a bit better and more flexible in terms of arrangement. There are more ways to go about in its codes.

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