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Standup 02/28/2007

Interesting Things

  • JSON: the consensus seems to be that ActiveRecord’s to_json method is buggy, and that people wishing to transform their ActiveRecords into JSON should use the Fast JSON gem.
  • Here’s a Rails gotcha: if you are performing a form POST from a Rails template, there is a risk that any query-parameters in your URL will “stomp” parameters with the same key in your form. In the following code example, id = 1 will be sent to your app:
    # id = 1 will be sent to the app below

    --- in play_with.rhtml:
    # id = 9 will NOT be sent to the app
    # because of the `&id=1` in the URL
    form_for :person, @person,
             :url => {:action => :something, :id => 99} do |form|
       # blah blah blah...

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 13:00 minutes

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