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Standup 03/05/2012

New Faces

Rachel Bobbins – new intern


Web 2 App – is there a service to mobile-optimise web sites?

There are many

Rubymine and Spork issue: when starting Spork from Rubymine, Rubymine doesn’t format test output correctly

The solution currently in use is to add a RUBYMINE_HOME path to the bash profile:

export RUBYMINE_HOME=/Applications/

And also the following block to a file loaded by spec_helper.rb (ex: YOUR_PROJECT/spec/support/rubymine.rb )

  $:.unshift(File.expand_path('rb/testing/patch/common', ENV['RUBYMINE_HOME']))
  $:.unshift(File.expand_path('rb/testing/patch/bdd', ENV['RUBYMINE_HOME']))

caveat: It may be necessary to launch Rubymine from a terminal with the mine command, rather than from the Dock or Spotlight, because variables set in .bash_profile normally apply only to the terminal environment in Mac OS X. See: Runtime Configuration Library: Environment Variables

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