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Standup 03/15/2007

Interesting Things

  • Note that the Rails testing framework might be the only place that performs a require for classes and libraries that are needed by your application. End result: your tests pass, but your application doesn’t work. For all the testing frameworks and methodologies, nothing beats the ol’ “click through” for peace of mind.

  • Flexmock: When using Flexmock, you are must specify that the mock is called at least once, or your assertions might erroneously pass. Example:

    # Will pass even if :monkey is never called!

    # Will fail if :monkey is not called once
  • Rspec syntax: old vs. new — the new style for should assertions is a “multi word” style rather than “under_score_word”. Example:
    # Old style: underscored word

    # New style: multi word, multi method
    monkey.should be_nil
  • has_many gotcha: Many already know this, but for a has_many relationship, the append method (<<) performs a save if the subject exists in the database already. In a test, you might need to perform a monkey_wrangler.reload to pick up all of the changes after a monkey_wrangler.monkeys << baboon
  • We are developing a Rails + AJAX wizard framework. Stay tuned!

Ask for Help

  • Any concerns or issues regarding performing many AJAX requests over HTTPS?
    • The main concern shared by the group was performance. Any other issues that people know of?


Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 23:00 minutes

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