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Standup 03/16/2007

Interesting Things

  • Selenium: one team is experimenting with running multiple Selenium tests at the same time and getting major performance boosts without any database collisions. They’ll keep us posted and roll this out to the rest of us if it’s successful.
  • cc.rb – we’re still looking at it and will provide updates when we have some results.
  • Markaby: +1 vote. More and more people seem to like Why’s HTML/XML parsing library.

Ask for Help

  • Does anyone know if you can use URL sub-domain information in Rails’ routes.rb?
    • We don’t think so. Most teams launch multiple instances of their application and use this information in their routes.rb to dictate routings, or Apache URL rewriting or redirects.

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 15:00 minutes

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