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Standup 03/18/08


  • Ian Mcfarland talks to Geoffrey Grosenbach about Pivotal’s agile culture in the May 17 episode of the Rails Podcast. Check it our here.
  • This Wednesday’s brown bag will be a round table discussion about “Tracker and the client: The real vs. the ideal”. Lunch provided, as always.
  • When something in Rails isn’t working as expected, it may just be a bug that’s been reported or fixed recently. Is a good idea to check the the Trac tickets at


  • Rails rcov seems to get stuck in an infinite loop on Leopard.
  • Anyone know a good general practitioner within walking distance of the office?
  • Confirm dialogs are tripping up Selenium (8.1) on one of our projects. Something related to focus, perhaps?
  • What does Ní Hea mean?

  1. Eliot says:

    I realize the product is part of your value proposition and isn’t going to be released, but how about a couple blog posts showing us what is cool about your agile tracker app?


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