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Standup 03/20/2007

Interesting Things

  • An internal project has migrated to Ruby 1.86 and Mongrel 1.0.1 with no ill affects, with the bonus that this combo fixes a known memory leak in Mongrel.
  • Ruby Fu: it was pointed out that Ruby method argument defaults can refer to other arguments to that same method:
def wrangle_monkey(x, y = x + 1)
  # Above, `x + 1` refers to to method argument `x`
  • One project wrote a super-cool rake task that helps manage JSUnit servers and test runs. Talk to A.C. if you are interested.
  • Rails Helpers and template’s use of erb is…weird. Details are blurry and the developers who discovered the issues should post the heavy stuff on this blog, but suffice to say don’t be surprised if you have trouble working with the erb output stream in your helpers.

Ask for Help

  • The Men’s room key is missing, and one team needs CSS help… hopefully these are not related.

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 16:00 minutes

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