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Standup – 03/20/2009


SMTP monitoring – Is there a simple way to set up a rails app to receive email and act on it? Suggested solution was to set up something with action mailer and script/runner to do an action whenever an email is detected.

Git ambiguous SHA1 – A CI box was blowing up and complaining of an ambiguous SHA1 tag when trying to build a project. The 6 character shortened tag was apparently not recognize as unique enough even though nothing else in the git log had the same string. The team got around it by giving it a 7th character for that build but has no idea what could have caused it.

Complex RJS example – Does anyone have suggestions for where to look for good, easy to test complex uses of RJS? What is a good structure for your code and tests?

Replacing Fixture Scenarios – Fixture scenarios are blowing up on a project when trying to use Polonium. Anyone know of a good replacement?


Xray – You can use the Xray Gem to get a java style thread dump when you kill -3 a ruby process. It can be really helpful for figuring out what’s causing your thin/mongrel processes to thrash. update: See Steve’s Post for more info.

  1. brian doll says:

    SMTP monitoring:
    Check out “Receiving E-Mail With Rails by Jason Seifer” in the first issue of [Rails Magazine]( which is available for free. It’s a very robust solution, and is really worth the read.

  2. coderrr says:

    about the clashing 6 digit hash:

    Did you check the log of all branches?
    Did you check git-reflog?

  3. Xavier Shay says:

    have not used personally, I figure this is what ENTP use for Tender

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