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Standup 03/28/2011: It's over -10,000!

Turns out there’s a hidden “feature” in jQuery’s .animate method. If your starting point for an animation is less than -10,000 px, it sets it to 0. Meaning your -10000 to -12000 animation is going to move a surprising 12000 pixels. There, fixed that for ya!

The -10,000px limit is hard-coded deep in the jQuery animate code, we speculate that it may resolve an issue in one browser or another. So before you start creating Ken Burns-style photo pans with your gigapixel images, make sure you have a plan to dodge this limit.

We’re committed to providing clients with license information for all the libraries we use on each project. To that end, some Pivots have created LicenseFinder, a command line tool which scans your project for Rubygems and summarizes the license data it can recognize. It’s recently had some upgrades. [Check it out].(

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