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Standup 03/30/2007

Interesting Things

  • Rspec vs. Rails’ Test::Unit Gotcha: In a Controller test, Rspec provides access to that Controller’s attributes with assigns[:attr_name], or “array notation”, but Test::Unit does not. Both support assigns(:attr_name), or “method-call notation.”

Ask for Help

  • “How should we migrate/upgrade database when we add new versions of assets, such as photos?” The consensus is that, for now, we’ll do it lazily: if an application (using our asset management plugin) needs a new version to be stored (perhaps we need a ‘tiny’ version…) when we will create them on-the-fly when requested rather than generate thousands of photos in one shot. If that has performance implications we’ll revisit that decision.
  • Anyone want to be RailsConf roomies? Our sizable RailsConf contingent is going to try to share hotel rooms and such.
  • We’re out of beer! A posse of those whom have been late to standup will make a run later today

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 13:00 minutes

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