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Standup – 03/30/2009


“Overriding attributes in form helpers seem to be skipped, and the attributes in the database are used instead. Is there a reason this behavior makes sense?”

Adam will be submitting a patch that allows overriding of attributes. It as mentioned that the existing behavior might be useful in the error case of a pre-coerced form.

Interesting Things

  • v802 of RubyMine does not auto save when focus is lost. A bug report has been submitted. Along those same lines, RubyMine is nearing a public release, now is your chance to vote up any features you want to see. Cucumber support was explicitly mentioned.
  • Rails has been selected for Google’s Summer of Code. While we may not be students, there are opportunities to be a mentor.
  • Be wary of an ad provider: Some ads will redirect your users to unwanted destinations. Placing the ad inside an iframe will let the ad do what it wants to do, without hurting your user’s experience.

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