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Standup 03/30/2011

Ask for Help

We have an html table with rows that correspond to
database rows. We’d like an easy way to implement per- > row editing of this data, but <TR>s are not happy to be
wrapped in a <FORM>. How fix?

  • use javascript to copy the data to a form element or do a straight AJAX post
  • Backbone.js has the ability to link html elements to server-backed data models, might be handy here
  • put forms around individual <TBODY> elements for the individual rows

We’re using ActiveResource as a foundation for our API client, but it doesn’t process JSON errors correctly. How fix?

This has been in the issues tracker for ActiveResource for over a year and is marked low priority. HttpParty was suggested as an alternative, anyone else have something they like?

Interesting Things

Some folks are using HTML5 Canvas and are taking IE9’s canvas support for a spin. Turns out that if you apply some font settings to text on a canvas and then rotate it, IE9 will actually shift the center point of the text, creating a surprising jump, diagonal in this case. If you don’t want your text to hopscotch across the page, you have to rotate it first, then apply the font.

Webrat used with selenium doesn’t follow redirects with Rails 2.3 on Mongrel. One team used thin instead of mongrel, which solves this problem. Using webrat with thin requires a patch

  1. Backbone would work well. For each object, you make a model. For each model, a view. The view renders the TR with input elements in it (not in a form).

    Then bind keyup or onblur or whatever to the input elements, which the view uses to run a save call on the model.

    That way, you don’t need forms, just the input elements.


  2. Jarin Udom says:

    Typhoeus is a good (and really fast) alternative to HTTParty.

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