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Ask for Help

Paperclip Slowness

“In one web request we are collecting the file paths of about 250 objects that have attachments via Paperclip. Unfortunately this is really slow and takes a couple seconds to finish. Does anyone have thoughts on how we could speed this up? Is de-normalizing the file path a reasonable solution?”

Moderation of Solr Search Results

“One of our projects uses Solr and acts_as_solr to provide search results to users. One particular result is showing up far higher than we want. What is the best way to use boosting to downgrade the score of an individual result in Solr?”

Interesting Things

Bike to Work Day
May 13th is Bike to Work Day in San Francisco. We are hoping more people take advantage of this to try biking to work for the first time. To mix things up for those that normally bike to work we are planning a Bike to Lunch.

  1. Trevor Turk says:

    I’m not sure if this would help your Paperclip speeds, but it’s worth a look:

    Check the comments, too, as other people have alternative solutions.

  2. Rob Olson says:

    Thanks Trevor. Stubbing out Paperclip in tests is definitely important. I actually wish the Paperclip project would give more guidance on the topic instead of letting everyone figure it out for themselves.

    In the case described in the blog post we are wanting to speed up Paperclip in our production environment, not in tests.

  3. tommy chheng says:

    hey rob!
    Re: solr question, the QueryElevationComponent lets you use an xml file to “elevate” documents to the top of the list.

    If you need a ruby gem that gets you more flexible with solr, try rsolr and rsolr-ext.

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