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Standup 04/07/2010: Passenger, Solr, Git, and rSpec timeouts

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Passenger Memory Bloat

“We found one of our passenger workers is using around 900MB of memory. Has anyone has problem with Passenger memory usage? We are using REE 1.8.7-2009.10.”

Solr Master-Slave Replication

“We are interested in adding automatic failover to our Solr slave when the master fails. What are some strategies for doing this?”

Interesting Things

Git Push –force Blocked
If you find your git push being rejected, even when you use git push -f, it’s probably because your git server is configured to not allow non fast-forward pushes. You’ll need to change the server configuration to allow them.

spec –timeout
Be careful when running rspec with the –timeout option. When the timeout occurs the test process will be interrupted and it will print out a stack trace for wherever it was executing when it was interrupted. This can lead to a lot of confusion if you do not immediately realize it was the result of timing out and instead think that an exception actually occurred at that point.

  1. Neal Clark says:

    i have no idea if slave promotion is built into solr. if isn’t: several years ago, (damon mccormick and) i used [ucarp]( to achieve automatic failover for an openldap server. ucarp is an implementation of the common address redundancy protocol in userland (that’s the U). it worked great.

    basically, you have a master, and slave that monitors it / pings it or whatever periodically to see if it’s still online. when the slave notices the master has been offline for whatever time period, it runs a shell script to change it’s IP to the master’s IP.

    i’ve only used it in a lan environment, but w/EC2 for example you could unattach an elastic IP from the master attach it to the slave in the shell script (although that may be slower than you’d like).

  2. Neal Clark says:

    oh yeah, you’d want the script to do other stuff too, like change the slave’s solr configuration to be a master rather than a slave. that’s probably pretty important. easy as changing a symlink target

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