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Standup 05/22/2012: [SF] CarrierWave is messy

Ask for Help

“CarrierWave is messy leaving files in the tmp directory when running tests. Is rm -rf the best answer?”


“While the we love Rails, we don’t need it, we just want its asset packaging features. Some suggest using sprockets. Do you have other suggestions?”

Interesting Things

*Gem Maintainers: use LicenseFinder to save users of your gem the hassle of digging through your gem to figure out what license your gem is distributed under.

*A Pivot had great success using for remote pairing. Setup was a snap! Others suggest checking out TeamViewer as well.

  1. Serguei Filimonov says:

    I’ve used sprockets to great success in single-page-app javascript setup. Provides lots of asset packaging/concatenation/interpretation goodies.

  2. Esteban says:

    Jammit is great!

    I’ve replace sprockets with jammit in a couple of rails projects.
    It just need a rake sass:update (custom task) before running jammit on deployment, and it’s great!

    Also, you can add your own MD5 fingerprint with another plugin to make it more sprockets-like

  3. If you want to use Sinatra instead of Rails and get asset packaging, check out Sinatra AssetPack:

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