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Standup 05/26/2011


Disappearing SSH keys between bash sessions

Using ssh-add will make a ssh key available for a bash session. However, on our new OS X images the key will not be available in new bash sessions and has to be re-added.
It was suggested to check the ssh-config to see if something is resetting the key.


MySQL gem on Ubuntu box

Compiling the mysql gem fails on an Ubuntu production box:

ERROR: Error installing mysql:
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

If you first install libmysql-rubyand libmysqlclient-dev you will be able to install the mysql gem as usually.

  1. Mike Greenly says:

    The mysql gem only needs libmysqlclient-dev installed. It will pull in some dependencies; libmysqlclient16 mysql-common. Installing libmysql-ruby isn’t necessary and would cause the package managers version of ruby to be pulled in as well, which you may not want, if for example you installed ruby using rvm.

  2. Matthew Kocher says:

    The mysql gem problem was a little more complex – the server was running an application which was working with mysql but had no mysql gem on the system, or even a file called mysql.rb. However, require ‘mysql’ worked fine, and the application could access mysql.

    It turns out the debian libmysql-ruby package provides a file, which it puts directly into the ruby installation’s internal require path. This was fairly surprising, as most of us use rubygems for this kind of thing, against the advice of RubyHipster:

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