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Standup 06/06/2012: Two Strings

Ask for Help

“Capistrano is not using our ssh-config correctly, it seems the net-ssh library behaves differently to standard ssh”

Some pivots are going to dive into figuring out whether this is the case and how to get it fixed. Stay tuned!

Interesting Things

  • Ruby sort is not stable, this means that two elements which would have the same sort priority won’t always be returned in the same order. Short of implementing your own merge sort you can get around this with sort_by{ |x| n+=1; [x,n] }.
  • Selenium does not clear all sessions after a suite run, it only clears out the current domain. If you’re driving actions on multiple sites you will need to configure an after run action to visit those domains and clear session information. For what it’s worth one of our pivots has a pull request on capybara-webkit which fixes this behavior by clearing all domain information by default.
  • A couple of pivots are using github‘s KSS library on their project to keep a maintainable styleguide and set of stylesheets. There is a kss-rails gem if that’s your preferred flavor.


Earlier this week we mentioned to_string and its differences to to_s and to_str. Turns out there is no to_string in Ruby, so it really is only something for you Java developers out there. Grant has explained the differences in a comment on another blog.

  1. Lee Hambley says:

    > “Capistrano is not using our ssh-config correctly, it seems the net-ssh library behaves differently to standard ssh”

    This is a known problem with Net::SSH. (that is, it’s known to we who maintain and use it a lot)

    I’d be happy to help with questions, find me in the Capistrano bug tracker, or the net-ssh issues at Github.

    For what it’s worth, as Cap recipes are committed to your source control, then so should any relevant configuration, relying on ~/.ssh/config is not reliable. (as it changes between users, and isn’t source controlled, etc)

  2. Dirk Kelly says:

    Thanks for the followup Lee, I’ll forward this on to the team.

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