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Standup 06/12/2007

Interesting Things

  • ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper in Rails has some great helper methods for tidying up HTML, including the following, which many of us did not know about:
    • auto_link – Turns all urls and email addresses into clickable links…
    • sanitize – Sanitizes the html by converting <form> and <script> tags into regular text…
  • Sometimes you want to return a response without any content, just header information letting you know what happened. You can do this with the head method on Controllers. For example: head :created, :location => person_path(@person)
  • Apple’s Leopard operating system is due to ship in October, and it will have many nice Ruby and Rails development tools built in, such as Ruby 1.8.6, Ruby on Rails, Mongrel, and Capistrano. Check out the details.
  • It seems that Rails’ image_tag has a bug: if you give it a file name with a capitalized extension, as some cameras save them, image_tag will tack “.png” on to the end. Examples:
    • image_tag("monkey.jpg") # path will have ‘monkey.jpg’
    • image_tag("monkey.JPG") # path will have ‘monkey.JPG.png’
  • Mongrel + Amazon S3: when querying ‘buckets’ with many files, Mongrel seems to leak memory.

Ask for Help

  • “Does Rails’ link_to method support nested parameters? The nested parameters seem to be getting squashed together into one long string.” This is a known bug in Rails, with an accepted patch that has not been applied.

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