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Standup 06/23/2009: Multi-table Inheritance?

Ask for Help

“Has anyone implemented mutli-table (class table) inheritance in Rails, as apposed to single table inheritance (STI)?”

  • There are some plugins that nobody has tried, such as inherits_from
  • What about a view to represent the super set of tables and rows?

“We’re looking for a dead-simple, drop-in JS rating or ‘starting’ plugin.”

Check out the start-rating jQuery plugin. Any other suggestions?

  1. KA says:

    “Keep in mind that only PostgreSQL is currently supported”

  2. Josh says:

    The star-rating jQuery plugin from fyneworks is awesome, but it will barf on the standard form field names that Rails uses, i.e.


    My fork fixes that issue.

  3. Bruno Michel says:

    For multi-table inheritance in Rails, all you have to do is adding this line in the parent class : self.abstract_class = true. I’m doing that for a personal project. The code is on github :

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