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Standup 06/24/2009: Nginx URL Rewrite Fu?

Ask for Help

“Does anyone have Nginx URL rewriting fu?”

The pretty documentation is actually quite hard to work with. Does anyone else have a good reference?

Interesting Things

Some developers who were granted early access to Palm’s new operating system said it was worth the wait. “We find it’s the easiest one to develop for,” said Christian Sepulveda, vice president for business development at Pivotal Labs. “It allows for a richer experience, like having a pop-up menu and background processing, which is helpful.”

Mr. Sepulveda’s company developed four of the first programs available for download through Palm’s app store, including an item for Twitter called Tweed.

  1. Mike says:

    After getting a bit frustrated with nginx’s url rewriting documentation I opted to do a very specific subset of my url rewriting within Rack Middleware. It keeps my app more portable (might move from nginx to apache in the future), keeps my rewrite scheme within my project’s source tree, and most importantly is pure ruby.

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