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Standup 07/07/2010: Hello, Operator

Interesting Things

  • The << operator in Rails has_many relationships acts strangely, such as silently failing validations when performing a save. Watch out!
  • RSpec has overloaded the =~ operator as an order-independent equality, so [1,2,3].should =~ [3,2,1] will succeed.
  • Tired to opening tab after tab in OSX Snow Leopard just to perform the same action? Label your tabs instead and reuse the same one for the same actions or tailing that one log: CMD+i => Info => Title => escape.
  • Progress on Cedar, our BDD framework for iPhone development, is rolling right along: read all about Cedar device specs and CI.
  • We noticed that the new RubyMine 2.5 ERP no longer gives us useful stack traces in Rspec; we reverted back to an earlier build. It has awesome features, though.

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