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Standup 08/01/2011: Building Rubygems… Psych!

Ask for Help

“How do I pull in svn externals using git svn?”

No one had a good answer

Interesting Thing

  • Rubygems: building a gem under Ruby 1.9.2 gives a Psych error, while building under 1.8.7 works fine. If you need to make a gem, build it using Ruby 1.8.7.

  1. Rajan Agaskar says:

    Re: Psych errors. AFAIK, the default YAML parser got swapped to use Psych in 1.9.2 (1.8.7 uses Syck). Psych is a lot more strict about YAML usage — for example, Jasmine was blowing up because we had a value that started with an asterix but neglected to enclose it in quotes.

    It seems like the best thing to do in this case is to fork, fix the contentious YAML and submit a pull request.

  2. Simon Russell says:

    I’m not sure that generalization is correct; building gems generally works fine on 1.9.2. As Rajan points out, just find the YAML that’s causing the problem.

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