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Standup 08/03/2010: Bundle me this Batman!

Ask for Help

  • I asked if there’s a date library in Ruby as rich as Java’s JODA

Suggestions included Chronic and RI_CAL though I’m hoping for something that can represent arbitrary periods (ranges?) of time JODA and handles interval calculation and other such date/time arithmetic.

  • is(‘:visible’) doesn’t always work as expected in Jasmine

One project reported that using this to as part of a Jasmine spec to ensure that an element becomes visible doesn’t appear to be reliable.

  • Annotate and Git History failed for a team using Rubymine 2.0.2 and git in combination with svn.

They solved the problem by downgrading to git

I followed instructions here to create a local set of portfiles: and grabbed the older portfile from here:

After I could do a port search git-core and have show up, I was able to sudo port deactivate git-core @1.7.2_0+doc+svn and sudo port install git-core @

  • One person was experienced compile errors when installing memprof on Ubuntu, fortunately somebody else had gotten this working before and offered to help him through thee.
  • A team noticed that Bundler ran multiple (4) times on CI taking nearly 11mins overall and wanted to know to make Bundler run only once

It was suggested that the problem may be due to the way they’d setup their preinitializer.rb and they should move the bundle install into a Rake task.

puts "IS_CI_BOX is set, running bundle install..."

system(‘bundle install’) || raise(“‘bundle install’ command failed. Install bundler with gem install bundler.”)


It was pointed out that they should make sure their Gemfile.lock file is checked into version control, which it was. Additionally Bundler 1.0.0 RC1 will allow isolating gems to a local path using bundle install path --disable-shared-gems

Interesting Things

  • The Facebook Graph API doesn’t appear to implement OAuth 2.0 properly/completely so it doesn’t work with the OAuth2 gem
  • One Pivot noticed that the version of ImageMagick installed on the default EngineYard solo image is out of date and had to upgrade this manually.

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