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Standup 08/04/2010: Accounting on Rails anybody?

Ask for Help

  • Double-entry/ledger based accounting in Rails (i.e. Quickbooks in Rails for free)

Ideally would be tied in with user/role system where each accounting entry would be tied to a user, but also reconciled against a master account.

Recommendations? Latest and greatest?

One suggestion was to look at the code that Wesabe open sourced code when they closed their doors.

  • Error message when opening Rubymine “Invalid Git Root”

This is likely because the project included a submodule that wasn’t configured correctly, fix this in under Rubymine’s version control preferences.

Add submodule screen in Rubymine

Interesting Things

  • Test 404 handling (e.g. rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, :with => :render_record_not_found) with Cucumber by temporarily setting ActionController::Base.allow_rescue = true. This is usually set to false in features/support/env.rb
  • JSON.pretty_generate hates Rails 3 Hashes


This should work in most modern browsers. Follow the Mozilla docs, NOT the various blog posts about this.

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