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Standup 08/05/2009: BugMash this weekend

Interesting Things

  • RailsBridge is organizing a global BugMash to help knock down some of
    the bugs on the Rails lighthouse this weekend. If your interested in helping out there is more information on their wiki

  • We started using JRuby for a project and wanted to use JRuby to run our specs. If you install RSpec 1.2.7 or higher you can specify the ruby command used to run your SpecTask in rspec.rake like this:

  desc "Run all specs in spec directory (excluding plugin specs)" do |t|
    t.spec_opts = ['--options', ""#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/../../spec/spec.opts""]
    t.spec_files = FileList['spec/**/*/*_spec.rb']
    t.ruby_cmd = 'jruby'

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