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Standup 08/13/2010: (css3 nth-child pseudo selector bug in safari)

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*”when using the css3 pseudo selector nth-child followed by a nested selector e.g.

td:nth-child(4) > p

some times (but consitently) they do not match to the correct element. Has anyone using nth-child experienced this before and know why it sometimes works and other times not?”*

For now the solution is to use jQuery to get to the nth child and apply the styles that way.

Interesting Things

  • jQuery 1.4.2 ajax json responses with a response code of 200 and responseText:” ” (note the non empty string) causes jquery to trigger the failure callback instead of the success. Previous versions would handle this as a special case and still trigger the success callback. Most people agree this is proper as an empty string is not valid json, but be aware!

  • Perseids is a metor shower happening right now (July 23 – August 24) so look up!

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