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Standup 08/25/2010 – Rails RC2


“How does Mobile Safari handle the back button?”

When pressing the back button in Mobile Safari can cause the access to the DOM to be lost. It appears to happen because of resources of “forward” facing pages taking over the cache.

“How to set the font size on RubyMine project (file) drawer?”

With the increasing size of resolution on monitors, some of are experiencing the small font issue. Is there a setting to control the RubyMine project browser?

Interesting Things

  • Updating ImageMagick from 6.6.1 to 6.6.3 fixes a bug with color palette when trying to resize images using Paperclip.
  • Rails 3 RC2 has dropped fixing many bugs and this much closer to the final release. The Rails team would like to find any blockers specifically in Bundler and ARel.

  1. Eugene says:

    JT, there’s no setting in RubyMine to change Project view font size now. You’re welcome to vote for this feature request in our issue tracker:


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