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Standup 08/26/2008
  • Looking for options to maintain a website of technical documentation with the following:

    • A somewhat technical person, but not a programmer, must be able to
      maintain the site (think a technical manager or a tech writer).
    • I need to display code samples, so this should be easy/convenient
    • Somewhat skinnable (custom logo, custom fonts & colors)

    The ideal examples would be the google chart api or google maps api

    A possible solution is a wiki (mediawiki?). Something
    google-code-like gets extra points for the issue tracker. Google
    groups gets points for the mailing list. Google sites seems like is
    might be a decent basic option (it’s easy to point a CNAME at it too).

    Experience reports/recommendations appreciated.

  • Rails hackfest is on through the end of August. Get points for getting patches accepted, and win prizes.

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