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Standup 09/04/2008

Interesting Things

Ask for Help

“Is there something wrong with Net::SSH in the latest versions of Capistrano? I can’t deploy to localhost…”

Not that anyone knows of. Have you tried turning it off and on again? The power button… it’s the little glowing button on the front… the button on the front… Are you from the PAST?

“Is there a good ruby Gem or Plugin for working with the Google Charts API?”

One pair used gchartrb but abandoned it almost immediately. So far, it’s string << string << string.

“How do you use Javascript included in a Desert plugin? Is it included automatically with Desert-magic?”

Unfortunately not. Desert plugins should have an install.rb that copies the Javascript to the public/javascripts directory in your project, but few actually have this (at least at Pivotal.) For now you have to copy any Javascript into that directory yourself.

  1. Corey Innis says:

    > “How do you use Javascript included in a Desert plugin?”

    I’ve just created an initial, proof-of-concept implementation of a Desert ‘meta-plugin’ to add this functionality:

    Checkout the readme to see how to use desert_assets to allow your very own desert plugin to provide assets (javascript only for now) without needing to run a script to copy files.

    To Dos:

    * Add specs for the JavascriptsController
    * Test drive StylesheetsController and ImagesController
    * Add asset packager handling to include the resultant javascript and css files in all.js and all.css, respectively
    * (maybe) Allow for files to be non-erb and located in the public hierarchy

  2. Chad Woolley says:


    Why didn’t you just fork desert instead of creating a separate plugin? That would make it easier to roll this functionality back into desert if it works out.

    Not criticizing, there may be good reasons, I’m just very (painfully) aware lately of the downsides of creating new gems/plugins rather than just enhancing existing ones.

    — Chad

  3. Corey Innis says:


    I thought about that, but figured it would be nice for this functionality to be optional.

    I’m interested in hearing more about the painful downsides you’ve experienced with plugins.

  4. Chad Woolley says:

    Update on the capistrano / net-ssh errors when ssh-ing to localhost on linux. I fixed this by upgrading to the latest capistrano (2.5.0) + capistrano-ext (2.1.0) + net-ssh (2.0.4).

    Apparently there was some conflict with ssh-agent, gnome, seahorse, seahorse-agent, ubuntu, etc when capistrano and net-ssh tried to connect to localhost – even though there was a id_rsa key properly set up and added to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, and no-password ssh to localhost worked manually.

    If you are wondering, we are deploying to localhost because we test our capistrano deploy process under continuous integration by doing a deploy to a ‘local’ localhost environment as part of each CI build.

    Original error message for future googlers:

    connection failed for: localhost (Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory – /tmp/ssh-EShnwF6579/agent.6579)

    — Chad

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