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Standup 09/08/2008

Interesting Things

  • As suggested in 09/03, one project switched to using Solr for search indexing. We were warned that wide range queries might be slow (looking for a value between 1… 10000) could be very slow, but it is not, at least with 400K indexed documents. We’ll watch out for slowdowns as the number of indexes increases.

Ask for Help

JSUnit tests do not show line numbers for assertion failures, which makes it hard to know which assertion failed. Suggestions?”

Have fewer assertions per test, or use the message argument, such as assertEquals(foo, bar, 'foo should be the same as bar.').

“Is there any way to see test failure stack traces as soon as a test fails or errors? This would be especially nice for slow-running Selenium tests.”

A few Pivots remember hacking on Test::Unit and Rspec to display failure details immediately, but more research is needed. Perhaps there’s a plugin?

“Design Adam’s beard!”

Pivot Adam is shaving is beard and is looking for facial hair suggestions. Over the years he has displayed many of the “standard” beards and mustaches, so it’s time to get creative. Look to The Quest For Every Beard Type for inspiration. Here is your canvas:

  1. brian doll says:

    Adam: +1 for Super Mario. It’s time.

  2. Mark Wilden says:

    > use the message argument, such as assertEquals(foo, bar, ‘foo should
    > be the same as bar.’)

    A real quick hack, which I’ve been using for several decades, is to just use numbers instead of a full message (which I’ve always thought was redundant).


  3. Joseph Palermo says:

    Brian: I believe you mean, “It’s-a time!”

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