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Standup 09-21-2010: Ugg boots revisited

Ask for Help

“Any issues with git-submodules in projects?”

Comments from Pivots regarding git-submodules:

  • Heroku doesn’t currently support them
  • You could use Bundler to include your potential submodules as a dependency.

“What do we do about spam on our blog posts? Disable comments?”

Our blogs have a forthcoming spam filtering service. Hopefully we will see this deployed soon! Until then, filtering is manual.

“What are people using for role-based permissions?”

Interesting Things

  • Enabling auto-flushing in Rails 3 should be done with care, as it can cause exceptions to be thrown when combined with nested permissions in possibly unexpected places.
  • When using default_scope, there is still issues with ordering your scopes in Rails 3.
  • Rails 3 automatically escapes user input thus adding a layer of protection against XSS attacks.

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