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Standup 09/30/2008: svn log slowness; tech talk videos

Interesting Things

  • svn log takes a long time when you have recently committed a large number such as 5000 files.
    Specifically, this happens when you have path based security. Here’s a link from the subversion documentation that mentions this

    All of this path-checking can sometimes be quite expensive, especially in the case of svn log. When retrieving a list revisions, the server looks at every changed path in each revision and checks it for readability. If an unreadable path is discovered, then it’s omitted from the list of the revision’s changed paths (normally seen with the –verbose option), and the whole log message is suppressed. Needless to say, this can be time-consuming on revisions that affect a large number of files

  • Check out the new links at

    • Talks lists all the tech talks that happen here at Pivotal such as Blaine Cook’s Fire Eagle talk. If you have some cool technology and would like to give a talk, contact us at
    • Who lists all the great people who work here

  1. Chad Woolley says:

    On the SVN log – yes, I’ve seen this before, and it can cause big problems with cruisecontrol.rb or other CI tools, which need to do a log statement every time they buuild.

    When I saw this before, the problem was especially bad because someone had made a mass change and checking across multiple plugins. Since we have these plugins as SVN externals, and these are used across multiple projects, many CI projects were taking forever to get the changelog before starting a build.

    I had to fix this by manually going to every one of the plugins/externals, and doing a single dummy checkin, so that it would then be the latest revision for that external (not the huge checkin).



  2. Joe Moore says:

    Cruise is where we had our problems, too. We moved the 5.1K files to another part of the tree that we don’t need to use often (it’s a 3rd-party graphics library with lots of documentation and examples.) Thanks for the dummy-checkin hack.

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