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Standup 1/14/2011: Key-Value-Fun

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We’re running into a problem where MongoMapper is somehow setting the value of a ‘many’ relationship to null in the parent document, which then makes MongoMapper blow up when trying to load the parent doc from mongo. There’s an argument to be made that MongoMapper shouldn’t blow up, but it’s understandable that it’s confused when the key exists – here’s a spec demonstrating what happens when the null exists in

The big question is what is creating these values. All our inserts are through MongoMapper, so we’re blaming a bug we can’t reproduce in MongoMapper for the moment.

Interesting Things

How to fill up your Redis instance (part 2). Resque stores all records of failed jobs – including full backtraces – on Redis. Pushing a bug that generates lots of these can rapidly fill up your Redis instance. The solution? Send your Resque errors directly to hoptoad (which has better error management infrastructure anyway).

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