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Standup 1/27/2011: Rails server eats your batteries

Ask for Help

A pivot was looking for help with using mod_proxy on apache. It only seemed to want to proxy the root.

The only real suggestion available was to use HAProxy instead, but that wasn’t an option for this project

Some pivots were looking for help using bundler together with capistrano, but without rvm.

No real suggestions on what the problem could be.

Some pivots were wondering how long of a time-box they should set aside to get jasmine running in CI.

Consensus was that it should only take about a half-hour.

Interesting Things

  • A pivot noticed that the battery life on his MacBook Air seemed to suddenly drop from about 8 hours down to only 4 hours. After some digging through top, it turned out that running rails server and rake jasmine:ci were causing the machine to never be able to fully enter sleep/hibernate to save battery life. So remember to turn those off when you put your laptop away.

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