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Standup 1/4/2011: Consultant Cookies Edition

Ask for Help

“How do you handle jQuery, new HTML5 elements, and IE6/7?”

Other than “I don’t”, how do you deal with building large article elements and then attach them to the DOM? It’s icky since older IE’s don’t handle elements it doesn’t know about. Do you have any suggestions?

“Are you using AuthSTMP on an app hosted at EngineYard? Is it working?”

Something changed and our configuration is no longer working. Not sure why.

Interesting Things

  1. Use Modernizr.

    Not only does it let you build conditionally based on what browsers support, it adds shims into the DOM for browsers like IE that don’t like new tags.

  2. Porta says:

    I’m using authsmtp and engineyard and it’s working like a charm.
    What’s the problem, specifically (other than the emails not being sent, doh!)

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