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Standup 1/6/2011: 'Parker Has a Posse' Edition

Ask for Help

Rubymine seems to have lost my RSpec stack trace? Spec from the command line is fine.”

Check the run command & try reverting to the default options?

“What’s our favorite ‘copy to clipboard’ code these days?”

Zero ClipboardjQuery version – is the one that lets you bind the Flash code to any HTML element. That’s the one you want.

“Can you use Jasmine to test a MongoDB map/reduce?”

Yes! It just uses JS objects, so you can unit test your code with Jasmine no problem. We recommend you add a couple of integration tests to make sure everything is connected properly.

Interesting Things

  • The cmdparse gem has now been released under LGPL. This gem gets pulled in as a dependency for some other gems, but was GPL before. It should now be easier to deal with if you’re license-wary
  • Having memory leaks in your JavaScript? Try Leak Helper! It’s a simple enumeration of objects off of window, not catching objects inside closures, but it still helped a team find a set of circular references that were confounding the garbage collector.

  1. Rajan Agaskar says:

    Check that the –backtrace option is active for rspec tests.

    Click on the test dropdown (next to the run button) and select “Edit Configurations”. Click on “rspec”, then click “Edit defaults”. In “Runner options”, add “–backtrace” (-b may work as well).

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