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Standup 10/14/2010: Digest Auth with filters, Flot FTW, Jasmine in Selenium size issues


“We’re using Rails 2.3.x built-in Digest Auth to hide the production/demo env of a site that doesn’t have a user model yet. It seems like every few requests we have to reauth – possible worse when multiple computers request concurrently”

Make sure there aren’t any failing requests (such as an ajax firing off an illegal route) that might be causing the browser to think it is no longer authed? Maybe just stick with using Basic Auth via an .htaccess? A number of other comments and guessed were thrown around, but nothing conclusive.


Flot FTW

The team asking about charting yesterday said Flot was the answer. Highchart has licensing/pricing they didn’t like, Graphael might be getting stale, as it hadn’t been touched in a while, and they needed more data than the GET limit, which prevents the use of Google Charts.

Some Jasmine tests were failing on CI in Selenium, but not locally.

It turned out to be some tests that fail when the window size is to small. The team bringing this up added a helper for Jasmine to resize the window if it was too small. Another team mentioned new Selenium runs fullscreen by default. Another team gave the Jasmine test block a static style and large size in css.

  1. About Flot FTW, did you try [jqplot]( it’s really cool.

  2. Rajan Agaskar says:

    For jasmine fails, were these visibility tests? Curious what was happening here.


  3. Joseph Palermo says:


    They were testing that certain elements were getting resized. So they were only failing when running under Selenium, and only on our CI machine (which has a much smaller screen resolution)

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