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Standup 10/20/2011 – License Finder and rails 2.3

Ask for Help

“License Finder doesn’t work with rails 2.3?”

This problem has come up a few times, but no one could recall what the solution was. Might be something about a rake task….

Interesting Things

  • MySQL Prefpane isn’t working with the Pivotal install on Lion. Seems like it expects a particular installation/configuration. Got around this by reinstalling MySQL from dmg. Another pivot suggested this could be a path issue that could be solved without a full reinstall.
  • An older version of Chrome on Windows has a bug with mouse-enter and mouse-leave events. It will think you have left a div if you mouse over a text input contained within that div. Upgrading Chrome should fix this.
  • event.layerX and event.layerY will be deprecated at some point… you’ll see these warnings now on the newest build of Chrome since it auto-updates.

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