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Standup 10/21/2011 JS['test'] == 'test'

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“Anyone used Akamai with HTTP Delete?”
Akamai doesn’t understand the DELETE verb. Maybe try to pass it through Akamai?


  • JS[‘test’] == ‘test’. Make sure you use === so that you get expected behavior.

  • IntelliJ 11 Android has great UI previews!

  • : Affordable and easy to use server benchmarking

  1. David Belson says:

    Hi… I’m the Director of Market Intelligence for Akamai, and saw this post referenced in a Tweet. Checking our config guide regarding support for DELETE, it notes:
    “For security reasons, Akamai’s servers do not, by default, support HTTP PUT and DELETE requests from clients. To allow these methods, the feature must be explicitly enabled.”

    You should be able to make a request to Customer Care or your account team to have DELETE support enabled.

    –David Belson

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