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Standup 10/23/2008: ARMailer warning!

Interesting Things

  • ARMailer and ExceptionNotifer: A match not so much made in heaven.

If you use the ExceptionNotifier plugin (and if you don’t, why not?) and you install the ARMailer plugin, your app will stop sending the exception notifications. You have been warned. Initial reports suggest that fixing the problem is relatively straightforward.

For those not in the know, ARMailer is a plugin that queues all outbound email in your database, to be sent later by a cron job or something similar. Good for not clogging up your server with email processing during peak load.

Ask for Help

“Is it okay to load a Flash widget multiple times on a single page?”

General murmuring led to the conclusion that this works fine.

  1. Josh Knowles says:

    Why bother with ExceptionNotifier still with great services like HopToad and GetExceptional?

  2. Josh beat me too it!

    Curious to know if this also applied to those plugins as well however.

  3. Adam Milligan says:

    @Josh, I’m not particularly familiar with either of the services you mention. However, my general opinion of that sort of thing is that it’s solving the wrong problem. If you have so many exceptions that they’re overwhelming your inbox, then you need to reduce the number of exceptions, not find a better way to aggregate them.

    As far as the interaction with ARMailer, I wouldn’t bet against it causing the same issue with these services. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has actually tried it.

  4. In my opinion there are plenty of other reasons to store records of your exceptions in a centrally accessible place. And I know that hoptoad supports storing your own messages, so it goes beyond just catching exceptions & keeping your inbox clean.

    Personally, I’d rather keep my inbox focused on more important email related items vs. part of the maintenance of a potentially large amount of apps. Sort of extending the idea of separation of concerns into the productivity app space if you will.

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