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Standup 10/5/2011: Where's my stacktrace?

Ask for help

  • Does the Rails 3 asset pipeline work on Heroku Cedar at slug build?

Resounding yesses from around the room.

  • We’re using Rails 3.0.10 and when we send emails with ActionMailer the timestamp in the header is marked as UTC, but it’s really the local time of the app (PST). Is there any way to fix this?

No real solutions for this.

  • We’re getting an Internal Server Error, but not seeing the nice Rails stacktrace page. It appears that the error is buried in rack somewhere. Does anyone know how to get a better error report?

Hammertime was suggested.

  • When trying to build a gem what are the versions of Ruby and RubyGems that you should use to allow the gem to work everywhere.

Suggested to build the gem with Ruby 1.8.7

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