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Standup 10/6/2009


Why is upgrading to Ruby 1.8.7 so painful?

More specifically, a Pivot was wondering why there seem to be so many ways to install Ruby and Rubygems on a Mac. There are a lot of different places where gems end up being installed depending on which version of Ruby you have installed, and the specifics of how you installed it. The conversation turned into one about RVM and Yehuda Katz’ Bundler, two technologies that appear destined to make it much easier to easily combine a version of Ruby with a set of gems under a particular project.

What is that technology that allows for more complex condition hashes in ActiveRecord?

This must be ActiveRecord::Extensions, which allows for an expanded syntax in the conditions hash of AR finders. A debate was had as to whether hashes and arrays could possibly comprise a reasonable DSL for complex query logic, but surprisingly, the final word on the subject was not reached during standup.

We are using curl to talk to a Mongrel/Rack server that is running some specs. That server is emitting dots (just as any Rspec process would), but we cannot get those dots to show up in real-time on the client. The only way we’ve been able to force a flush is with a newline character, but that gives us an ugly vertical column of dots. Any suggested hacks for this?

The Bay Area Chef Meetup Group is meeting on 10/14 in Mountain View. If you’re into Chef (and here at Pivotal we use it extensively), you might want to check it out.

  1. Scott Patten says:

    Yeah, I keep running in to the printing dots thing too. Check out this thread for some options:

    (just for fun, here they are inline):
    Option 1: Put a STDOUT.flush in there:

    100.times do
    print “.”

    Option 2: Put this at the top of your file:STDOUT.sync = true

    Option 3: Print to STDERR instead (it’s probably not buffered by the OS)

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