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Standup 11/01/2011: Snowy Moeless, Weinre & Uniqueness

Interesting Things

  • Weinre – WEb INspector REmote, a debugger for web pages designed to work remotely, nice weblet look. Allows you to debug web pages on phones.
    • Check it out ( Thanks Micah
  • Moeless
  • Those strange looking people, are just moustache-less pivots. Support/join for the cause. Today is Day one.

Ask for Help

  • Rails Validates uniqueness allows nils. The database (psql and mysql) allows unlimited nils.
    *BUG – The app did not allow unlimited nulls.
    *Cause – The development structure had an allow nil false but the model file had allow nil true. This caused odd behaviour.



  • 7pm Raise Cache – Project Management for Startups


  • 6:30pm Node JS
  • 7pm Machine Learning


  • 7pm Raise Cache

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