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Standup 11/07/2008: Selenium for Flash

Interesting Things

  • Teaser: Selenium for Flash! We’ve developed a Selenium-like framework for Flash. It’s pre-alpha, and needs to be extracted from it’s current home inside a project. Are you interested in a Selenium-like framework for Flash, or have you written one yourself? Let us know!
  • STI-weirdness. Rails surprise of the day: given a query of a has_many :photos where Photos has STI subclasses (got that?) Rails will build a SQL query that includes the subclass types of Photo, which you might not want:"Photo")
    # query will have "... WHERE type IN ('Photo', 'OriginalPhoto', 'ThumbnailPhoto')"
  • It appears that the retardase_inhibitor might not work with Rails 2.1.X due to fixes in ActionMailer.

  • JetBrains has been hard at work: they have released both a new Ruby plugin for IntelliJ, and a ruby-specific IDE (based on IntelliJ) named RubyMine.
  • Check out Pivot Jonathan’s wife’s art exhibit at Artist-Xchange Gallery in San Francisco, Friday 11/7 from 7-10pm:

    Artist-Xchange Gallery
    3169 16th Street
    San Francisco
    CA 94103

Ask for Help

“I want to create a custom launcher for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 with different profiles. Perhaps the real question is how do we create a custom version of a Mac application launcher, passing in the arguments we need?”

… without having to invoke it on the command line every time.

“We’re trying to delete cookies in our Controller, but they keep appearing in the headers anyway.”

Suggestion: make sure you are specifying your URL paths and domains correctly.

“Why won’t our CSS and other assets load the first time when accessing an SSL-protected domain on Engine Yard?”

It’s most likely not Engine Yard or Firefox 3’s fault. More research needed.

  1. Ray Baxter says:

    I wrote a script to configure multiple Firefox versions to run with different profiles. Once you run the script, you can click on the Firefox icon in the dock, in your application folder or using Quicksilver and that version will open with the correct profile.

    Read about it [here](


  2. Joe Moore says:

    @Ray: firefoxin is awsome! We forked your repo and are tweaking it. We’ll keep you posted and give you a proper shout out on the blog once we’re done. Thanks!

  3. Gabe says:

    Selenium for flash would be awesome. We would definitely have some interest in that project.


  4. Jeff says:

    Ditto Flash for Selenium.

  5. veraee says:

    me too! for the flashselenium

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